5 Best Vintage Style to Reproduce in 2021

5 Best Vintage Style to Reproduce in 2021



Old fashion will always find their way to return one day. The same thing happens to these vintage trends. Be prepared to see more of these styles getting reproduced in 2021. Take a sneak peek and make sure you don't get left behind!


  • High-Waisted/Mom Jeans

Jeans with a belt loop on the waist level seem like an item our moms used to wear when they were young. But now, youngsters begin loving these pieces as well. The main reason why these items are getting back in style is that people care more about comfort and practicality. Unlike the hipster and skinny jeans, high-waisted straight jeans allow you to move as actively as you want.


  • Oversized Blazer

Another comfortable item to make a comeback in society is the oversized blazer. Most of them came in pleated or plain pattern and monochromatic tone, but you can anticipate seeing more playful colors from the 2021 reproduction. This piece offers high flexibility. It is unisex, and it can work for both casual or business look.


  • Tie-Dye Tees

The brightness of tie-dye patterns represents the free spirit of youth. T-shirts with such prints are comfortable and affordable. Besides choosing your favorite color combination, you can also print some words on it to speak up your mind. Match this casual top with jeans or skirts and sneakers to get the edgy look.


  • Vests

If you are into layering, vests are also the vintage trend that you can wait to come around again this year. The sleeveless outer can add a statement to your outfit while also enhancing your overall appearance. Even better, 2021 is the era for unisex fashion to rise. Hence, the vintage trend reproduction will give you more creative designs of vests to choose from.


  • Mule Heels

People love mule heels because they look sexy and easy to wear. Just slide your feet in them, and you can start walking in style. While most of them are best for casuals, closed-toe mule heels can make a professional look as well. However, make sure to buy the right size and function to avoid the slippery feeling.



Although vintage trends may return to streetwear fashion, the reproduction will not always be the same as it used to be. The current culture will always influence the reproduction process. In 2021, you may expect to see these trends come back in more ethical and creative ways. Make sure you wouldn't get left behind!