Essential Pieces to Have for An Efficient Closet

With a rising concern of global warming, people came to realize that we don't need a large collection of clothes. As long as we choose versatile items, we can still pull out many stylish looks by combining them creatively. Knowing what pieces of clothes to invest in is the key to get efficient with our closet. Start it off with essential things. Here are the first things you need to have:


  • Classic Blue Jeans

A pair of blue jeans is easy to match with almost any tops, especially the classic straight one as it fits your legs perfectly. You need at least two pairs of them for everyday use. If you are so much into casual streetwear, you might need more variations of jeans.


  • White Tee

A plain white tee that perfectly hugs your figure will make an easy outfit for hanging out. You can wear them with almost any pants or skirts, any shoes, any outer, and even any accessories. If you want no limit to your creativity, you need at least one white tee in your wardrobe collection.


  • Oversized Coat

An oversized coat can be an instant finish to your outfit. You can create a professional look with a blouse or shirt, but you can also throw it over your cozy t-shirt. This unisex piece of clothing will not restrict your movement, so you can feel free to run your day in it.


  • Bomber or Denim Jacket

If you are all about casual feel, having a bomber or denim jacket will come in handy. It is something you can grab and wear in seconds anytime your friends call for a spontaneous hangout. This piece of clothing also adds a little warmth just in case you need it.


  • Straight Pants

People need straight pants because they are suitable for both business or casual occasions. Not to mention that it leaves enough room for comfort as well. For a busy day with many things to do, straight pants will be the most feasible clothes to wear. Have a


  • Loose Shirts

There are many things to combine with your loose shirt, especially if it has a plain and neutral color. This item can be either the inner or outer layer. You can create either a casual or professional look as well from this simple piece. You need at least one in plain white, and a few in other colors or patterns of your liking.



Having a complete collection of essential fashion will reduce your craving for buying hype items, especially those that will go out of style in mere months. Bear in mind that quality should come first when buying your essential clothes, so you can keep them for a long time. Comfort is vital as well, or else you will not stop wearing them again someday. You might also want to invest in unique accessories to enhance your style variation.