Fashion Guidelines for Different Body Types

Fashion Guidelines for Different Body Types



Do you realize that some clothes make you look flattering while some others make you look odd? Those are not just your feelings. There is indeed a science behind fashion to create an illusion of body proportion. According to your body type, here are what you should and shouldn't wear:


  • Apple

Also known as the round shape, an apple figure is when the middle area is full, and the legs are lean. With such a silhouette, avoid accents or bulkiness around your tummy, hips, and bust. Choose clothes with straight lines, slightly fitting, or flowy cutting to disguise the volume. Monochromatic or dark colors can also make a positive impact.


  • Pear

The pear shape refers to those whose hips are full and wider than their shoulders. You need clothes that add volume to your upper body to balance out your figure. Layering your tops or wearing patterned blouses can do the trick. It is also a good idea to have volumetric accents on your shoulders, such as padding, puffed sleeves, or boleros.


  • Hourglass

A body has an hourglass shape if the bust, waist, and hips are well-defined. You are free to wear almost any kind of clothes because there is nothing to hide from your figure, as long as you keep the proportion balanced. However, you might want to avoid pairing loose tops and bottoms because they might hide your best feature.


  • Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle shape is when the shoulders are broader than the hips. This athletic body type requires something to add definition to the hips. Pencil skirts, leggings, and skinny jeans will do wonders on your figure. You can also have some patterns, ruffles, and any added elements on your half bottom. However, keep the upper area minimalistic.


  • Rectangle

You have a rectangle body if your waist width is in line with your upper side of your body. The best outfits for you are the ones that define your waistlines, such as wide-legged jeans, flare skirts, or anything you can accentuate with a belt. Color-blocking outfits are also a good idea as they can break apart the rectangular figure.



These fashion suggestions might come in handy. But, you don't always have to follow these rules. If you feel comfortable and confident with your outfit, your appearance will sparkle regardless. After all, body positivity is all about loving the shape you have, not feeling embarrassed by it.