Fashion Pieces to Share with Your Partner - And How to Style Them Up

Investing in unisex fashion pieces allows you to share with your partners. It can give both of you more options for your outfits. Moreover, you can take it as a challenge, where both of you take turns to wear the same item but styling it differently. Here are some ideas to take inspiration from:


  • Sweatshirts

If you need an instant outfit on a casual occasion, a sweatshirt is your best friend. Wearing it with a skirt or hot pants will make your appearance feminine. Meanwhile, a man can pull it off with straight jeans and sneakers. This simple piece also allows you to throw in some accessories to enhance your style.


  • Black Jacket in Minimalistic Design

This item is essential because it is a highly versatile and shareable item that can also give you extra warmth when you need it. There are many ways to mix and match it with any fashion items you have in your wardrobe. You can even wear it over any outfit without thinking much, either formal or casual.


  • Caps and Hats

A baseball cap on a guy makes him look casually athletic, but the same item makes a girl look cute and lively. A different hat will also appear differently on different people, while also depending on what items they combine it with. Moreover, these items can give you an instant way out to deal with a bad hair day.


  • Colored Shirts

Shirts in plain but lively color can make a good statement for your outfit. It is also fun considering the countless styles you can experiment with such items. Tuck it in, layer it, roll the sleeve, try whatever you have in mind. The pieces also allow you to experiment with color mixing fashion.


  • Simple Casual Sneakers

If you're lucky enough to have the same shoe size as your partner, then congratulations! You can start investing in simple casual sneakers like Converse All Star or Puma Suede to share. Not only that these pieces can go well with almost any clothes, but they also are ultimately comfortable.


Unisex fashion will not hide your gender. But instead, it gives everybody room to show their personality. The same item can make you look either feminine or masculine, depending on how you style it. Sharing fashion pieces with your partner is one of the ways to challenge your creativity!