Five Iconic Sneakers and Their Stories



Sneakers are easily lovable because they are ultra comfy, practical, and can be super stylish. They even work well for both men and women. Thus, there is no wonder that sneakers can be highly popular. If you are a fan of these items, then you might want to hear more about the most iconic sneakers of all time as below:


  • Nike Jordan One

The NBA banned this particular pair of shoes when Micahel Jordan wore them in his match. Instead of retreating its product, Nike decided to market the shoes with censored labels. Thanks to the company's bold reaction, the shoes reached its fame rapidly, especially the "Banned" colorway that Jordan used to wear.


  • Nike Air Force One

Released in 1982, this pair of shoes became the pioneer of sneaker culture in the fashion world. Both the design and the functionality is outstanding. With new color variants released every once in a while, this particular model is still the best-selling athletic shoes of all time. This model also gained many nicknames, such as Airs, Uptowns, and Forces.


  • Converse All-Stars

This particular model is probably the most mainstream sneakers ever. Almost anyone who loves sneakers has a pair. Since its first launch in 1934, there have been countless alterations and color choices from time to time. Thanks to their canvas material, the shoes are lightweight and breathable, providing incomparable comfort to their wearers.


  • Nike Air Max 90

Of all shoes in the Air Max series, AM90 seems to be the most popular of all time. Besides being highly reliable for running, the pair also has a unique design that doesn't go out of style. This classical model comes in any size, even the toddler size, both for men and women, to make sure nobody misses out on the hype. They also release new colorways every year.


  • Puma suede

Originally introduced as basketball shoes in 1968, Puma Suede gained its highest popularity in the world of hip hop and breakdancing around the '70s. This model is also historically prominent after some notable people wearing them at influential moments, including Tommie Smith and John Carlos.


Not only do these sneakers provide stellar quality, but they are also highly versatile. It is effortless to match them with your outfit, thanks to the shoes' neutrality. If you love collecting casual footwear, make sure you have at least one of these iconic sneakers on your rack.