Five Tips for Shopping and Styling Unisex Fashion

Five Tips for Shopping and Styling Unisex Fashion



Shopping and styling unisex fashion can be challenging for first-timers. But at the same time, it is such a new experience to have fun. There is no need to confuse yourself in the process. If you want to give unisex fashion a try, here are some useful tips to begin with:


  • Quality Comes First

Unisex fashion mainly focuses on styles that will likely stay relevant for years. It is safe to expect your wardrobe to stay in your cupboard for a long time. Hence, you might need to buy only high-quality goods to prevent them from getting worn out too early.


  • Get the Right Size

The big challenge with unisex clothing is sizing. Even though the style can go for both men and women, the sizing wouldn't fit that easily. There is a difference between male and female body proportions. Even if the item is baggy, the way it falls on your body might not be as expected. Choosing pants is usually more tricky than choosing tops. If you are shopping offline, always try the item first before checking out at the cashier. If you are buying it online, make sure you get the measurement accurate.


  • Choose Your Colors

Not all unisex clothes are monochromatic and earthy-toned. In Aemcy, we even have a neon color with a glistening surface. Because unisex clothes can open up many possibilities for styling, you need to consider how your item can match with whatever you already have in your cupboard. If you have too many clothes in a neutral color, our bright jacket might be a fun addition to your look.


  • Layer It

Another trick to do when styling your unisex clothes is by adding layers to your appearance. Thanks to the neutral design, unisex clothes allow you to try out many different combinations of layering. Dare yourself with the color as well for a more unique outcome.


  • Accessorize It

Don't leave your appearance too bland. The neutrality of unisex clothes needs you to throw in some more of yourself in the form of accessorizing. This trick is what makes you look different than anyone else and define your overall look.



Buying and styling unisex fashion is indeed not entirely the same thing as your usual gendered fashion. But thanks to its versatility, you will get the best experience in the process. At the end of the day, you will see how adorable you can be in this style.