Four Reasons Why We Need More Gender-Neutral Apparel in the Future

Four Reasons Why We Need More Gender-Neutral Apparel in the Future

Photography by Lee Shou Chih



Lately, we can see how many new brands make their debut as unisex apparel. Even the gendered brands release a special genderless collection every once in a while. Celebrities also encourage people to join in the new trend by setting themselves as an example. It is getting bigger yet the world seems to not getting enough of it just yet.


But what it is with unisex fashion anyway? Why do we need a lot of these things and even hope for some more in the future? Here are some logical explanations:


  1.  Freedom to Express

Unisex clothing gives you more choices to express yourself in a way you may never do before. With no limit of gender norms, you can appear more uniquely. Most unisex clothes are versatile, so you can push your creativity in choosing what to wear with them. You can even combine them with your gendered items and accessories!


      2.  Comfort At Its Finest

History shows how elegant-looking fashion requires sacrificing comfort, especially for women. Even up until now, most dresses are somewhat restricting movement. On the contrary, most unisex clothes provide maximum comfort, yet you will still look good in them. Imagine having both comfort and an amazing appearance. How could we resist such a benefit?


     3.  Practicality

Ever felt like having not enough clothes in your closet? Imagine if you have different-gender siblings, a boyfriend, or a girlfriend who has a genderless wardrobe. You can borrow them. If you are not sharing anyway, the neutrality of a genderless fashion allows more room for mix and match. There are many kinds of outfits you can pull off with one piece of unisex item.


     4.  Your Soul Will Stay

Another magical feature of these neutral items is that they can pop your soul even more. Whether you are feminine, masculine, or having a non-binary identity, the vibe will still show. Sometimes, it can be even more highlighting your inner beauty. Hence, there is no need to worry about jeopardizing your gender identity.



Considering all of those points above, we can see how many people can benefit a lot from the unisex wardrobe. More choices on the market will make it easier for everybody to find what they like. Such a dream is the reason why Aemcy comes into the world. We hope people can find something new to express themselves while also staying true to themselves.