Genderless Fashion; It Is Not Just A Trend, It Is A Social Reforms

Genderless Fashion; It Is Not Just A Trend, It Is A Social Reforms

Photography by Lee Shou Chih



Genderless fashion was a hit in the late 1960s before going low again in the 1970s. But once it resurfaced in the 1990s, the concept kept blooming rapidly. Some people may be wondering how the trend doesn’t seem to fade over time. Well, the reason is that it is not a trend at all. It is a social reform on a global scale.


Gender Norms and Stereotypes Are Fading


The rising trend of unisex fashion echoes the rising campaign of gender equality. People are tired of the concept that women should stay in a dainty dress while men should stay plain in loose cut and monochromatic shades. In this era, we can see many women wear trousers, even for formal occasions. Men are also less hesitant to add colors and playful accessories to their look.


Of course, there are still many people who prefer wearing their conventional gendered style. But at least, there is less judgment to the people who prefer genderless clothing. Instead, a lot more people find it is fun.


Separate Sections Are Yesterday


Clothing stores always have separate sections for men, women, girls, and boys. People used to go to their gender sections accordingly without any fuss. But the culture starts to change lately. Women are getting curious about what men wear; and vice versa. They started looking into each other's choices in the stores to see if anything can fit them.


To answer such a new demand, some stores even especially provide a section of unisex clothing. We have the Ungendered collection at Zara in 2016. World-class brands like Pierre Cardin, Gucci, H&M, and many other more also make their jump on the train. It is now easier to get access to unisex clothing.


Celebrities Make It Better!


Even in the entertainment industry, many international celebrities are proudly presenting themselves in gender-neutral styles. Take a look at Zendaya as an example. The female actress once wore a formal pantsuit, which was similar to what Michael B. Jordan previously wore. There is also Harry Style, who has become an icon for many gender-neutral brands. Even Celine Dion introduces gender-neutral clothes for babies and young kids. We have a lot more celebrities appearing in genderless clothing occasionally.


They are not even implying different gender identity. Instead, these folks normalize this kind of clothing to be acceptable to wear regardless of who you are. Their actions have influenced and inspired people all over the world to break through the old norms of gender bias. Hence, the wave gets stronger than ever.


Apart from fashion, we can see people are screaming for gender equality in every sector. People demand equality in congress, in the work field, and every other sector of life. The unisex fashion is also a reflection of this social reform. It is pretty clear to see that the trend will not back off.