How to Create An Exquisite Look




Sometimes, looking good is not enough. On special occasions, we might want to put up extra effort to make ourselves look even more impressive than we used to be. If this is something that you want to pull off, here are some tricks that might help:


  • Combining Strong Piece with Classical Ones

Going all classical will make you look gracious, but it will not be enough to steal people's attention. You need to add a bit of boldness in your appearance to emphasize yourself. But, you must be careful. Do not be too flashy because it will make you look awkward.


The most effective solution is by creating a classical look with some strong elements to accentuate it. Wear statement jewelry or hold some intricate detailing on your dress. Be creative in what element of surprise to add on. It needs to be glamorous, yet blending perfectly with the whole arrangement.



  • Adding Textures to Your Outfit

Besides the styles, you also need to combine multiple textures on your overall appearance. Going with all-plain surfaces will not create an exotic aura. On the other hand, textures can add depth and richness to your look without making it too complicated.


Even so, you need to be considerate about what textures to mix. Know when to create contrast and when to keep things in a mild gradient. Be thoughtful in deciding how many textures to take and how much you will have them on you. The position of each textured element also matters to create a balanced proportion.



  • Be Fearless to Be Different

Going with the mainstream will not make you stand out in the crowd. If you are copying too much from other people, you will not look so attractive. Don't go this road if you expect people to get all impressed by you at the first glance.


Your exquisite look will work only if you are not afraid to be different. But, the difference you show must be something that looks high class and unique. Put your personality to create a one-of-a-kind style on your appearance. Let people see your soul through your garments and accessories.



The trickiest part of creating an exquisite look is balancing the whole thing. It is indeed not easy to make a strong statement without overdoing it. Elegance and fearlessness should come in harmonious combinations, strengthening each other. You might need to try a lot of things first before eventually getting a satisfying result. However, creating an exquisite look is not impossible to pull off.