How to Lift Your Mood by Dressing Up




"You are what you wear."


Many people think that this old saying means you have to wear your best clothes to show the best of you. However, the true meaning of the saying is that you can represent your inner self with the outfit you pull off for the day. Even more, you can also psychologically affect your mood of the day by styling up your appearance. Here is how to do it:


  • Dress for the Occasion

Know where you are going and what you are going to do with that outfit. Indeed, you must match your style with the occasion. But even more than that, you need to consider how your clothes can support you optimally. If you are going to do an outdoor activity, wear something made of breathable material. If you have a business presentation you feel nervous about, try finding clothes that can boost your confidence.


  • Match Your Color with the Mood

It is not about wearing the brightest color you can find, and see if it will cheer you up. Determine your feelings for the day and how you want to feel, and choose the right color to express it. It is even okay to wear gray and black on a sad day when you think it is fine to feel sad for that particular day. Another example is that you can wear a bit of pastel color if you feel lazy for the day and wish to live up a little bit.


  • Express It Through Accessories

Accessories can express yourself better than any other fashion pieces. They can reduce your anxiety, speak up your mind, and even give a bit of emotional support. Even a tiny brooch can serve as a good-luck charm.

It is too bad that many people don't give enough time to incorporate some into their daily appearance.


  • Get Comfy

Comfort matters. It can significantly affect your mood, especially if on a busy or demanding day. Forcing yourself to go on with restricting clothes will give you an unnecessary mental burden. Although you can't always wear casual pieces like sweatshirts and sneakers, you can still choose the materials, the fitting, and the cutting.


Putting a little bit more thought and effort into what you wear is one of the ways to love yourself. Your clothes don't have to be premium brands. It is even okay to repeat your fashion items so often. As long as you take care of them well and combine considerately, you are good to go!