How Unisex Fashion Marks Its Glory in 2021

How Unisex Fashion Marks Its Glory in 2021

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Since the last few years, we have seen some gender-neutral apparel making its way into the spotlight. Even better, you will most likely see more of these in this year, 2021. And if you are a fan of clothes that don't specifically label you as feminine or masculine, this will be your year of fashion. You can expect to get more and more options to wear. Agency will make sure of that.



How Does the Trend Start?


Unisex clothes have always been available in every era. It is not a new concept. However, they barely ever made a spotlight in the fashion trend. Most people used to see apparel as an easy solution for sharing clothes between men and women. Others see it as a choice for a woman who wants more comfort in baggy clothes or simply dislikes appearing too feminine.


While it used to be a matter of practicality, people start seeing it from another perspective. Unisex fashion offers freedom, inclusivity, and diversity. With more people are trying to break the gender norms, especially Gen Y, a genderless fashion sounds like a way to go through.



It Is Happening for Real!


The breakthrough of unisex clothing comes from various parties in the fashion industry. We have more brands specifying themselves for genderless fashion. There are Nicopanda, Charles Jeffrey, and of course, your favorite brand Aemcy who specialized themselves in streetwear-chic clothing. Norma Kamali, who used to be a brand for woman's apparel, relaunched itself as a brand for genderless apparel. We can see more men are wearing the brand without any shame or judgment. People are happy about this.


Even the gendered brands release new lines for marketing their genderless apparel. We have Zara with their Ungendered collection as well as H&M with their Denim United line. Furthermore, we can see more and more celebrities making their way to headlines all over media by wearing unisex attire in their cool styles, such as Gigi Hadid, Lily Collins, and Anne Hathaway.


People have various terms to call this trend; unisex, genderless, gender-neutral, agender, and many others. While some people may have different opinions on what terms they find more appropriate to use, it doesn't matter. Whatever you prefer to call it, the idea of this concept is blooming.



Nothing is wrong with the conventional gender-specific fashion. Everybody can wear either feminine or masculine clothes to represent their gender. Unisex fashion will not replace such a culture. Instead, it offers a new option for anyone who can't find satisfaction from gender-specific styles. A new segment has entered the market, and it welcomes anyone to join in.