The Face of Post-Covid Fashion



Coronavirus has spread its impact on many things in this world. Indirectly, it also affected the fashion trends. Ever since the original outbreak, the pandemic has significantly changed how people prefer to buy their clothes. Here are some of the most obvious trends:



  • Less is More

The pandemic has been increasing the amount of global waste production. Hence, people find it is even more important now to get efficient with what they buy. And as about clothes, people don't want to splurge on fast fashion items anymore. Instead, they prefer buying more basics to associate with statement pieces. For each product they want to buy, they need to at least think of at least three outfits they can make with it. If the item is not that versatile, they will most likely drop it.


  • Home-Wear Clothing

As people are bound in lockdown for so long, they get more comfortable with their pajamas or other ultra-comfort clothes. A lot of them even keep wearing such clothes when they have the chance to go out. Many clothing brands, especially young designers, answer for this demand by producing premium pajamas and other casual items with utmost comfort. Needless to say, people are happy with such options in the market.



  • Ethical Aspect

The pandemic has been so rough that people started to care more about humanity and our environment. While people used to buy things they like without asking too many questions, they are getting more critical lately. A lot of people have started trailing the background of everything they buy, including the clothes. Are there people getting abused or exploited to do the labor work? Do they harm animals or forests in the production process? At the end of the day, they will see if there are brands committed to ethical values.



  • Local Brands Are Getting Popular

Due to the global financial crisis, people feel they need to support the local economy more. Hence, they started considering local brands over major retailers when planning to buy things, including clothes. As it turns out, many people find buying clothes from local brands is highly satisfying. The increase in sales has also motivated the young designers to keep moving forward. As a result, their products get even more competitive with well-known brands.



Despite the stress and trauma it causes, the pandemic has changed the face of fashion in better ways. Looking good is no longer enough. Instead, people started to see that there are many other things we must pay attention to in the clothes we choose to buy and wear.