Timeless Luxury Bags That Are Worth Investing In

Timeless Luxury Bags That Are Worth Investing In


One of the perks of buying luxury brands is that they will last long. With top-notch quality, these items will still be in their perfect shapes even after so many years. Considering that they can be a worthy investment, you might want to prefer the bags with timeless styles. You can keep them forever without having them getting out of fashion. Here are the most worth luxury bags to invest in:


  • Hermes Kelly Bag

The Kelly Bag got its name to honor Grace Kelly after the Princess of Monaco used the bag as a shield to hide from paparazzi. Formerly known as Sac à dépêches, the rigid bag has undergone several redesigning processes until it becomes a flawless status symbol as it is today.



  • Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag

Originally, the bag name was "Chouchou", which means "favorite" in French. It was later famous as Lady Dior bag after Lady Diana made the item famous in 1955. The design of this bag shows the genuine heritage of Christian Dior. It is elegant and highly iconic with rich detailings that never go out of style.



  • Chanel 2.55

Designed in 1955, Chanel 2.55 is dubbed as the classic of the classic bags. This piece is always available in almost every Chanel store all around the world. The fame of it never fades. Thanks to its medium size, this rectangular bag is perfect to carry around all of your essential little things.


  • Saint Laurent The Sunset

The Sunset has a neat look with a chain strap and sturdy construction. Its double compartments allow you to be more organized with your stuff. If you are a fan of minimalism, this YSL bag will make an exquisite finish to your outfit. Another best thing about this item is that it can work on various occasions.



  • Fendi Peekaboo

You can never go wrong with a Fendi Peekaboo Bag. Its design is versatile for every people's lifestyle. The bags also come in various sizes and textures, making them even easier to love. Although this bag is not as old as other bags in this article, there is no doubt that Fendi Peekaboo will stay lovable for many years ahead.



Timeless luxury bags are worth investing in. Not only that they can still be relevant in the years ahead, but also because they are valuable for resale. Just in case you wouldn't want to keep them anymore, you can make money out of it to purchase another bag you set your eyes on.