Why Unisex Clothing is More Sustainable for the Earth

Why Unisex Clothing is More Sustainable for the Earth

With the rising concerns of climate-changing, people start to look more into sustainable things for their life. Fast fashion, which used to be popular amongst youngsters, begins to fade out due to its high impact on our earth. And while people are searching for a more eco-friendly fashion, the article of unisex fashion surfaces. How can unisex clothing be sustainable? Here are a few reasons:


  • Classic Styles

Most fast fashion items have a pop design, which wiĺ be hype only for a short period before it goes out of style. On the contrary, most unisex clothes have classic designs. The styles will still look cool and relevant in a long time, probably even many years. Thus, unlike your collection of fast fashion, you wouldn’t need to throw away your clothes so often if they are unisex fashion.


  • Versatility

Unisex items are so versatile that you can easily combine them with many things. One piece of clothing can deliver countless outcomes if you are creative enough to mix and match. With such a benefit, you will not need a collection as much as your gendered clothes. You will even have more options if you decide to share collections with your siblings, friends, or your beloved significant other. Fewer items to have equals less carbon footprint for our precious earth.


  • Sharing and Swapping

Unisex clothes are inclusive that almost everybody can wear them. It is highly possible for sharing or swapping collections, especially if your goods have high quality. Sharing will give you more options for clothes without having to buy plenty of them. Again, it will reduce the carbon footprint of the planet. Swapping is also great for the environment as you can prolong the clothes’ lifespan, delaying them to end up in the landfills.


  • Eco-Friendly Brands

Being part of the modern movement, most newly-established brands already have a high awareness of the emerging issue. Hence, many of them come with a commitment to make sure the sustainability of their production process. This kind of brand is what you should shop for to promote the preservation of our environment.



Aemcy also has a high concern about the global environmental crisis. As a solution, we try to keep our whole production local. Not only can it cut the carbon emission from the shipment, but it is also easier to control the ethical value in every part of the process. We are proud to be a part of the global movement, promoting sustainability, humanity, and inclusivity.